Fashion for tall women

Such as jeans, pants and jumpsuits in length 36" and 38"



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Making trousers shorter, that's how you do it.

Yessss my pants are too long! Have you just bought a new pair of trousers but are they a bit too long?
Pantalon korter maken, zo doe je dat.

Who is Longlady

Women are getting taller, but unfortunately there is still little fashionable and attractively priced clothing that really provides for this.

I am an experience expert myself with my 1 meter 89. That's why I started my own clothing label called LongLady. The fit for a longer body is the most important here. The sizes are longer in length but the width is the same as normal confection.
In the collection you will find many basic items such as women's jeans with a length of 36" and 38" but also extra long trousers for women. We also have blouses, shirts and dresses for tall women. Everything from the Longlady label is produced in the EU.

Do you want to come and fit? You can also make an appointment in our showroom in Berkel en Rodenrijs. For more information and opening hours, see our

showroom page .