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Collection: Dresses

Dresses for tall women

You can order dresses for tall women online at Longlady. Our dresses are made to have the right proportions for tall women. You can find enough dresses in regular stores, but the fit is not good for your taller body. The waist is not in the right place and they are often too short in terms of length. As a tall woman, have you always dreamed of a nice dress that fits perfectly? Then take a look at the dresses for tall women in our online collection.

Clothes for tall women

It is always very difficult for tall women to buy nice clothes. Often the sleeves and legs of the clothing are too short or the entire proportion of a piece of clothing is lost. And are you looking for nice dresses? You can find them in regular stores, but then they are too short and they just don't fit well! Very frustrating, because that way you have the feeling that you can never even buy nice clothes. Tall women can therefore exclusively shop in our webshop for beautiful dresses, entirely in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Using our Size chart you can determine which size fits you best. This way you can be sure that our dresses fit perfectly before you buy them online!

In addition to dresses for tall women, we naturally sell even more clothing for women who are taller than average. We have an extensive collection including jeans , trousers or sportswear . Feel like a great woman and order dresses for tall women exclusively from us! Complete your outfit and buy new clothes online according to the latest fashion trends!