Hoe hou jij je kleding langer zwart?

Hoe hou jij je kleding langer zwart?

Het kan erg frustrerend zijn als je zwarte kleding in de was vervaagd is, maar je hoeft het niet zo ver te laten komen.


Het artikel is zo snel uitverkocht, waarom? En.... komt het weer binnen? Helaas niet, maar kan wel retour komen....
Pantalon korter maken, zo doe je dat.

Making trousers shorter, that's how you do it.

Yessss my pants are too long! Have you just bought a new pair of trousers but are they a bit too long?

Do you return clothing that is too long to us?

Why not, like many other women often have to do, have it shortened? We should be happy that something is finally long enough, right?
Stuur jij kleding die te lang is retour naar ons?
Hoe kan jij je kleding nog passender maken voor jouw figuur

How can you make your clothes even more suitable for your figure

No less than 95% of women do not have the body according to clothing standard

What do you think? To wear heels or not.

Heels. As a tall woman you love them or you hate them...... there is little in between. May or may not?
Wat vind jij? Wel of geen hakken dragen.
Longlady ontwerpt speciaal voor jou

Longlady designs especially for you

When you shop for clothes you probably don't always think about it, but there is a whole process before you can hang your dream outfit in the closet.

Baggy Jeans are hot again at the moment!

Baggy Jeans are hot again at the moment! I'd like to share some looks with you....
Wide fit en baggy jeans zijn momenteel weer helemaal hot!
Tips om pilling te voorkomen of te verwijderen

Tips to prevent or remove pilling

We all know it.... You love your new knitted sweater and prefer to wear it as often as possible.