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LongLady Fashion Company offers the possibility to pay with iDEAL.

This means that you can pay for the products you buy at LongLady Fashion Company in your trusted internet environment of your own bank. iDEAL can be used immediately, registration with iDEAL is not necessary.

The advantages of this payment method at a glance:

- iDEAL is just as familiar, safe and easy as internet banking
- iDEAL is supported by the major Dutch banks
- Access to internet banking of one of the participating banks is sufficient to use iDEAL
- Control and overview of the payment
- iDEAL was developed by ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Postbank, Fortis and Rabobank.


How does iDEAL work?

You place an order with us. When paying in our webshop, choose the iDEAL option as the payment method. You will then be forwarded to your own bank where the payment order is ready for you. You will be asked by your bank to fill in a number of details and you will authorize the payment. The amount is immediately debited from your payment account and we inform you that the order has been paid.
For more information, visit the iDEAL website.

Pay in advance by bank

If you prefer to pay in advance, you can do this via internet banking, but also with your own trusted transfer cards.
If you want to pay in advance by bank, you need the following information:

ING Bank account no.: 4327914
IBAN: NL46INGB0004327914
Longlady Fashion Co.

Always state the order number in the description.

After receipt of your payment, your order will be further processed and shipped.


PayPal is a fast, simple and secure way to pay online.

That is how it works:

      • Open a PayPal account .
      • Link your bank account or your credit card details to your PayPal account.
      • Now you can pay for your purchases with PayPal.

Your benefits with PayPal:

      • Your online purchases are paid immediately.
      • You can choose to pay with your credit card or with your debit card.
      • You do not have to enter your details again.
      • Paying via PayPal is safe: your bank details are only stored with PayPal and do not have to be sent over the internet for every purchase.
      • The PayPal Buyer Protection makes online shopping very reliable: if you do not receive your purchase, you are entitled to full compensation (including shipping costs).

Questions about PayPal?

More information can be found on the PayPal help page.

Paypal charges us costs ( see here ) which we partly pass on to the customer. You pay a surcharge of 3% on the amount of the order. Longlady earns nothing from this.

Credit click

CreditClick is a way of paying afterwards with credit for your online purchases. You can pay in installments with a monthly amount that suits you. But also afterwards in 1 go. Ideal if the big purchase just isn't there
comes out. It can be used in the Netherlands for amounts between €25 0,- and 5,500.

How do I apply for a credit with CreditClick?

Choose 'CreditClick' from the list of payment options at checkout in the webshop .
Log in as an existing CreditClick customer or register as a new customer .

Identify yourself using iDIN .
Enter your contact details, living situation and financial data .
Choose a tailor-made credit or pay in installments.

The lender assesses your application and approves it within seconds.
Sign your credit contract digitally and conclude by paying for your purchase.

The entire process, from choosing CreditClick to confirming your purchase, only takes a few minutes.

What kind of information / documents do I need for an application ?

Access to an iDIN activated payment account .
Contact details and information about your living situation (income, living costs and information about any other
loans )

How does CreditClick handle my personal information?
Your data is completely safe. We respect your privacy and your data is fully protected. The data will only be used for applying for the loan and for a possible follow-up purchase with your CreditClick account.

Are there costs for me?

To use CreditClick you pay an interest percentage on the credit used. There are no additional costs involved. This interest rate is lower than the overdraft at the bank and/or the use of a credit card.

Can I pay off the credit earlier?
Of course. With all forms of credit it is possible to repay earlier. Of course without penalty .

Credit cards

As a result of the "PSD2" Guidelines, paying with Visa or Mastercard is no longer possible with us as of 01-03-2019.

Despite the new rules, we as a webshop still have to pay the fixed and variable percentage of the purchase amount paid by you to the intermediary (Bank), but are no longer allowed to pass this on. This was previously a cost item and is now becoming an unknown risk in high payment costs. Therefore, this payment option has expired.

Mister Cash

Mister Cash is the online payment system developed by the joint banks in Belgium and is the most accepted online payment method in Belgium.

All Belgian customers who use internet banking can use Mister Cash. They can immediately pay for their purchases in a familiar banking environment. Moreover, a payment via Mister Cash is a guaranteed payment for the web retailer.

Sofort Banking by Klarna

Klarna (formerly SOFORT banking) offers customers from Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and Poland the option to pay with their preferred payment method. The payment system is comparable to the Dutch iDEAL.