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Welkom op onze website speciaal voor lange vrouwen !

General size chart

Longlady sizes

Our clothing is made for your taller body length. Not only do we make the sleeve length and leg length longer, but all garments are cut in such a way that they fit well in all places. This means that the chest, waist, knees and elbows are lower. The length has also been slightly adjusted.

Use the size chart below to calculate your size. Everything measured in centimeters. It is of course a guideline because each garment is made of different types of fabric, with or without elastane. This also affects how a garment falls.

Please note the following. The waist size in the tables with the products themselves is the waist size of the waistband. If you have trousers or jeans with a low waist, the width of the waist is measured at that point.




With jeans, the size often also depends on the type and composition of the fabric used. When there is more elastane in the fabric, you can often take a smaller size than when the elastane share is nil. The washing can also affect the sizing of the jeans. No two jeans are the same because many manual operations take place in the production process. So one size 30" may fall differently than the other size 30".

In general, the jeans size measured in inches is your clothing size minus 10.
So if you normally have a dress size 40, your jeans size will be 30".

Take your measurements

Chest width measured over the largest circumference.

The smallest circumference between chest and hip.

Hips above
Measured at the height of your hip bone.

Hips under
Measured at the bottom of the buttock.

Upper leg
Measure your thigh all around at the height of 5 centimeters below the crotch.

Dress length
Measure from the bottom of the neck to determine the total length of the garment.

Back length
The length of the back of our shirts, tunics and blazers are measured from
bottom of the neck up to and including the hem of the garment.

Sleeve length
The length of the sleeves is measured from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem
the arm is bent.

Leg length
Our trousers and jeans are available in a number of leg lengths measured in

Waistband height

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are made in such a way that their length suits the taller woman.