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Collection: Only-M clothing for tall women

Stylish long women's fashion

The taller lady also wants to look modern, wear stylish clothing with a good fit. This is possible with the special tall women's collection from Only-M. Only-M. produces collections in Italy with great pleasure and passion, especially for taller ladies from 1.80 m in sizes 36 to 48. They have customers in various European countries, who can make a wide choice from the range. In close consultation with the customers, they ensure perfect production in the right lengths. Producing longer lengths does not mean just lengthening, but that coupe seams and waist heights must also be in the right proportion. These combinations ensure that the clothing on the body is in balance and gives the right effect.

Are you a tall lady yourself and would you like Only-M. wear? Which can!

Would you rather see and feel the clothing of only-m first? Then you are of course very welcome in our showroom . Our showroom is open by appointment, when you visit you will receive personal clothing advice. With Longlady you will never come home disappointed after a day of shopping. You will find women's fashion for tall women with us!


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