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Wide fit en baggy jeans zijn momenteel weer helemaal hot!

Baggy Jeans are hot again at the moment!

Baggy Jeans are hot again at the moment! I'd like to share some looks with you....

What is the most important privilege in clothing? Comfort. Baggy jeans are the most comfortable pants to wear in real life. They are no longer just for your boyfriend or rappers. The good news is that anyone can wear them, especially if you are tall it looks great!. Personally, I like to wear baggy jeans combined with feminine items, such as silky blouses, tailored blazers and high heels. Anyway, keep reading to find out more.


With a simple t-shirt. That's all it takes to pull off this look.


That's how I prefer to wear them. With a blazer and pumps. Nice and cool combined with chic.


Roll up your legs nicely, you can do that with the nice long versions of longlady and wear a comfy sweater with it.

Baggy or wide leg jeans at Longlady:

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